Play2Earn is a online gaming platform and we use various free and paid scripts/codes to compile our website. We only collect your personal data which is necessary to identify you. We try our best to keep all your data secure but in any case we don’t take any responsibility of your data and you should use our services at your own risk.

Data that we collect 

  1. Data about you that you give us directly: 
    We will collect and store any data that you provide to us, including when you create your account or a player profile while using our website. While you use our website, you may give us data directly (like when you are setting up your account), and we will store that data on our databases and use it for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. When you use our gamesyou may give us the data like:
    • first and last name
    • nickname
    • gender
    • age
    • e-mail address; or
    • other information that helps us make sure it is you accessing your account or helps us improve our Services 
  2. Information about your contacts:
    • When you connect to our website by Facebookor google, we may also collect information that you provide to us about your Friends’ List, but be sure to ask their permission first.
  3. Support correspondence:
    • When you ask for help from our support team, we may collect and store the contact information you give them (generally, your name, e-mail address, and name), data about your activity on website or your activity in a game. We will also store the communications you have with our support and any additional information in those communications in order to provide support and improve the Services. Please note that in many cases in order to identify you we will need a minimum amount of data (e.g., email address). Without this information, we will not be able to provide support or answering to your data rights’ requests, so please be aware that we may contact you and request additional information in order to provide service.
  4. Data about you from third-party partners:
    We collect some information from other entities, including social networks like Facebook/google, if you access our website through your accounts with those entities or you choose to connect your accounts with those companies to our website.
    We only take your data from third party at time of sign up, following data may be updated with us if you update with your thirdparty.
    • first and last name
    • profile picture
    • your user ID (Facebook ID), which may be linked to publicly-available information (public profile) like your name and profile photo
    • your friends’ list and other public data
    • e-mail address you provided to that third-party application
    • physical location and that of the devices you use to access our Services
    • gender
    • age
    • information about your activities on or through the connected third-party application
    • other publicly-available data on the third-party application; and/or
    • any other information that you or the provider of the third-party application share with us.
    If you access our Services from a third-party application or connect our Services to a third-party application, you should also read that third-party application’s terms of use and their privacy policy.
  5. Cookies:
    We collect information about your device and how you use our website, including using cookies.
    We use cookies to recognize you and/or your device(s) on, off, and across different Services and devices. We do not share cookies collected by us directly with any body else
    We, our service providers, and our partners use cookies and other similar technologies to collect and analyze certain kinds of technical data, including:
    • IP address
    • type of computer or mobile device you are using
    • platform type (like Apple iOS or Android)
    • operating system version
    • mobile device’s identifiers, like your MAC Address, Apple Identifier For Advertising (IDFA), Android Advertising ID (AAID), and/or Google Advertising ID (GAID)
    • browser type and language
    • number of clicks on an app feature or web page
    • amount of time spent on an app feature or web page
    • pages viewed and the order of those pages; and/or
    • game state and the date and time of activity on our game If you use our website on a mobile device, in addition to your device identifiers (described above), we may also collect:
    • name you have associated with your device
    • country
    • telephone number (if you provide it)
    • specific geolocation (with your permission)
    • mobile contacts (with your permission, as described below).
  6. Other:
    We may collect data from other third-party sources. Where we do, we let you know.
    We may collect or receive data about you from other sources like third-party data providers. We use this data along with information you provide us directly, for example, to help you and your friends connect or to serve you advertising more tailored to your interests.

    We share some of your data with your friends and other players that you are playing with to facilitate your in-game interactions. We may also share your data with third parties or allow third parties to collect this information from our games in the following manner:

    1 Friends and other players
    Our games support encourage you to interact with other players. In most games, if you play through a social network or connect to a social network (like Facebook), your friends who also play our game will see your name, photo, player profile and descriptions of your in-game activity.
    Further, in our games other players (not being your friends) will be able to see your player profile; view descriptions of your in-game activity; communicate with you within our games and send you game requests or friend requests through our games.

    2 Third-party advertising and analytics
    From time to time we will update our webpage at with privacy policies from our third party partners. Please visit this webpage to learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as to read more about our third party partners.

    We share some of your data with advertisers to tailor the advertisements you see when you use our Services to your interests and to enable us to offer some of our Services for free.

    We use advertising to enable us to offer some of our games for free. These advertisements may include, without limitation, banner ads on in a game, as a full-screen ads between moves or gamesin which third-party advertisers offer to provide in-game items to players in exchange for watching an advertisement or for completing a task. Offers are hosted by third-party offer wall providers, and the offers are made by third-party advertisers or by us (in case of showing our advertisements).

    We do not actively share personal data that directly identifies you with third-party advertisers for their direct marketing purposes unless you give us your consent.

    To enable advertisers and ad media partners to serve you with more relevant ads, they may collect, or we may collect and share with them, the following types of data when you use our games:
    • performance data (like the number of clicks on an advertisement)
    • certain technical information (like IP address, non-persistent device identifier such as IDFA, and de-identified persistent device identifier such as a hashed Android ID, Apple ID, Google ID) ; and/or
    • a unique identifier, such as your Facebook ID or your player ID

    In addition to serving you with relevant ads, the data collected may be used to:
    • measure how effective ads are
    • offer you targeted advertising (both on and off our games) in order to personalize your experience by showing you advertisements for products and services that are more likely to appeal to you (a practice known as interest-based advertising or behavioral advertising); and/or
    • undertake web analytics to analyze traffic and other player activity to improve your experience.

    Ad networks may collect this data through the use of cookies and other similar tracking technologies, and they may use a single tracking technology or multiple tracking technologies at the same time.

    After clicking on a third-party advertisement, you may no longer be on a site or app controlled by us through which you are playing our games. If you do want to receive customized in-application advertisements from third parties, your consent would be required. The practices of third-party companies delivering advertisements in our games are subject to those companies’ own privacy policies.

    3 Security measures
    We share your data if necessary for safety, security, or compliance with law.Your data and the contents of all of your online communications in our games and between you and Huuuge may be accessed and monitored as needed to provide our games and may be disclosed:
    • to satisfy any laws or regulations that apply
    • when we have to disclose the information in response to lawful requests by public authorities
    • if our games are being used in committing a crime or to share data with other companies and organizations for the purposes of fraud protectionand other security precautions
    • to protect the rights or property of Huuuge or applicable third parties.

    4 Third-party service providers
    We share your data with the third-party service providers and partners that we work with to bring you our games. We will share your information with third-party companies who perform services on our behalf, like analytics, analysis, hosting services, customer service, marketing, and advertising optimization. We will also share your data with our third-party partners who assist us in delivering and optimizing our Services, such as our platform partners (Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.). Where we share your data with third-party service providers and partners, we ensure that we have appropriate agreements in place to protect your information (as required by applicable data protection laws).

    5 Other third parties
    We may share some of your information with other third parties, if we have your consent to do so.

    In addition to the sharing described above, we may share your data with other third parties or allow them to collect your information from our Services in some ways not specifically described in this Privacy Policy if we have your consent to do so.


We are not responsible for the ways in which third parties use your data (other than our partners acting under our guidance). Our websites and games may contain advertisements from third-party services that may link to their own websites or services. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these parties. If you have any questions about how these entities use your data, you should review their policies and contact them directly.


We do our best to ensure that we do not collect information from or about children.Generally, our website is not intended for children under the age of 16 (collectively, “Children”). Children are not permitted to use our games, and we do not knowingly collect any personal data from Children.

Though our Services do not target Children, we may collect age information before allowing a player to proceed for certain services. For players who identify themselves as Children in our age-gate on such services, if we allow Children to use the services, we will either provide a version of that service that does not collect, use, or disclose “personal data” . If we learn that we have inadvertently gathered personal data that is not subject to a COPPA exception from a Child, we will take reasonable measures to promptly remove that information from our records.


We’ll keep your information for as long as necessary to provide you with the Services, maintain our legitimate business operations, and/or exercise, defend or establish our rights.

How long we retain your personal information depends on why we collected it and how we use it, but we will not retain your personal information for longer than is necessary for our business purposes or for legal requirements.

We will retain personal information about you and connected with your account and/or the Services you use from us for as long as you have an active account with us. We will take reasonable measures to delete this personal information if you delete your account. However, you acknowledge that we may retain some information after you have closed, or we have deleted, your account with us where necessary to enable us to meet our legal obligations or to exercise, defend, or establish our rights.


We work to protect your information but you as a player also have to take certain steps.

We implement reasonable and appropriate security measures to help protect the security of your data and to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance applicable laws.

It is important that you protect and maintain your Play2Earn account’s security and that you immediately tell us of any unauthorized use of your account. If you access our Services through Facebook/google and your account is hacked or otherwise compromised, this may lead to someone accessing or deleting your game accounts without your permission. So, be careful to keep your Facebook/google account information, including your social network account password, secure as well. We urge you to log out of your Play2Earn account and any social network account you have used to access our Services when you are finished using them.

*make sure you read this privacy policy before sign up and you are familiar with any updates in this privacy policy.