Exclusive Features

Mostly we make free to enter custom rooms in our live streams but some times we also show you planned content. Players who stay active on our facebook group get chance to play in exciting tournaments.

Recent tournaments were 8 vs 8 mobile only tournament and along that we organized leader vs leader in which 7 clan leaders from 7 different clans took part, after three rounds in bootcamp leader of spy clan SPY GHANI won this tournament with most kills. (This was mix tournament and winner was mobile player).

Live Animation

We use live animation is our streams, MIC is most regular animation that we use, we don’t use webcam so mic animation gives us ability to interact with viewers on another level, when I speak mic get lines which gives impression of sound coming as I speak and viewers get to know when know lines coming out of mic means I am not speaking.

We also use character called mark,

Basically we use random characters as live animation no fixed character as a face of our channel yet we are working to bring 1 character as face of our channel.


Instant replays is our pride. This is exclusive feature we want to highlight this the most.

first time ever in e-gaming live streams we introduced instant replays

this is our special way of HIGHLIGHTING a gameplay of our viewers.

Multiple Screens

This is another exclusive feature viewers get to see on our channel only

we mirror screen of spectators team to live and this way we show 2 different scenes of 1 custom room at the same time meaning what is happening in pochinki and georopol our viewrs see at the same time one 1 split screen.

Recent Tournament Live Streams