Good news! we are now offering memberships, Our membership plans are focused on enabling our users to earn maximum from ous website and channel.
Playing in our live streams will always remain free, on our website free users get to place only 1 slip at a time. Becoming a member will give you freedom to place more slips with a chance to participate in members’ only tournaments. (as a new channel our members only tournaments are not as crowded as free tournaments which gives you great opportunity to win more)
so hurry up and become a member now to avail all our exclusive features and support your favourtie channel


(membership details mention here are for Pakistan only users from all other countries should become member directly from youtube)


PKR 200 /Month

Perk 1: Place 2 slips at a time

Perk 2:  get access to members only chat group( you get to plan our upcoming events with us)

Perk 3: you will get access to play in all members only streams and tournaments.
this will not give you access to invite others or let any one else play in your place, only your 1 registered id will be allowed.


PKR 500 /Month

Perk 1: Place 5 slips at a time.

Perk 2 :  you will get 3 invites.

in all members only streams and tournaments not only you will be able to play but you will also be allowed and invite any 3 players other than you to join us.

(members only chat group included)


PKR 1000 800 /Month

Perk 1 : No limit on placing slips.

Perk 2 : you will get 10 invites
in all members only streams and tournaments you will be allowed to invite maximum of ten players other than your self.

(members only chat group included)