This is not a gambling website.

our free services are to promote gaming and streaming industry in Pakistan,

we invest in this project from our pocket any donation or membership money we receive is nothing compared to what we have already invested in this.

Play2Earn reserve the right to discontinue any of our services at any time with out any prior notice.

we are not registered with any government body as our services are not making any profit and we do this only as our hobby. Still if any government body thinks we should be registered with them they should inform us at

We do not have any age restriction on services still children under 16 should have proper consent from their guardian to use our services. Futher more  many rewards displayed on our website  are not redeemable with out supervision of adult at least 16 years old.

if any body asks you to pay for getting points on our website you should know it’s a scam and inform us immediately, we never sell our website points.