Our facebook group posts from winners of our pubg streams says enough about our commitment, we do what we commit. there might be hiccups in rewards processing but we make sure that every reward is delivered for sure.

Live Stream

All our content is streamed live and viewers can test authenticity of every game there and then. We only make sure that out come of a game is natural and unbiased, if a game is influenced by hacker or any type of technical failure in live stream does not qualify as authenticity issue.

Matches played with human players:

Mostly in our live streams human players are playing from around the world and every body comes to win there fore outcome of all matches is purely natural and unbiased. if live stream is disturbed due to any reason such matches are not stopped or replayed results are announced according to our best knowledge.

Matches played in auto play mode:

Some matches of fifa and cricket or other games are played in auto play mode where no human player is controlling any teams such matches also have purely natural outcome. if due to any reason live stream is disconnected matches are resumed from last saved position. If you have any question on authenticity feel free to contact us